Education is at the heart of everything that the Mercer Island Farmers Market (MIFM) does. The MIFM actively seeks to teach its community about the importance of sustainable farming practices, farmland and open-space preservation, and healthy eating habits.

During the market season, each market day the MIFM organizes many activities that will help to deepen our community’s understanding of these subjects. These activities include:

While the MIFM’s most visible educational activities happen during the farmers market season, the organization and its volunteers are active throughout the year.  The MIFM:

  • Brings farmers to speak to students at its community’s elementary schools. These farmers teach the students about a range of subjects from farming and sustainable growing practices to the history of agriculture in the region. In addition, the MIFM’s market manager has spoken at these elementary schools about healthy eating habits;
  • Assists high school students in their senior class projects. During the past several years, these projects have included an analysis of the carbon footprint of fruits and vegetables and an analysis of the food miles of the produce available on Mercer Island; and
  • Participates in community educational events, such as Leap for Green, an annual event for our community to celebrate Earth Day.

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