Community Service/Non-Profits

The Mercer Island Farmers Market welcomes community service and non-profit organizations that wish to promote their mission and to raise awareness in the community about the services and programs they offer. We do not accept outreach for political or religious purposes.  Our priorities include supporting the environment, sustainability, local agriculture, community, health and educational development. We ask that no items be sold.

MIFM has the space to schedule about 2 to 3 community service/non-profit booths per market day.  Fees are $25 / day for Mercer Island organizations and $50 / day for off-island organizations.

If interested please contact the Market Manager with a brief note about your organization and scheduling preferences. When approved send the completed application  NPapp13 and fee to:

Mercer Island Farmers Market, PO Box 71, Mercer Island, WA 98040

Fees may be paid by check made out to MIFM and sent to address above, or fees may be paid or by credit or debit card, following a link below:

Mercer Island organizations: Booth Fee – MI Community Organizations/Non-Profits

Off Island organizations:  Booth Fee – Off Island Community Organizations/ Non-Profits

We appreciate your interest!

Some of our friends!


Mercer Island Senior Foundation

Mercer Island Sister City Association

Mercer Island Women’s Club

Transition Initiative Mercer Island

Want to join us?  NPapp13


2 thoughts on “Community Service/Non-Profits

  1. I am from Lake Washington Singers, we are a non profit choir who raise money for HS students who are wanting a career in music. We have been around for sixty years now, and we are seeking new members. Is it possible to get a small booth or just get a table and hand out some information about our group. You make take a look at our website at if you would like more information. Or call Sandra Saenz at 425-822-2030.

    Thank you,
    Sandra Saenz

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