How Does Your Garden Grow?

We’re celebrating the growing season on Sundays in June.  For a limited time we will have vendors who will help you start, maintain or enhance your garden:

  • Cascadian Edibles or Eat Your Yard will be offering vegetable & herb starts, raised in a eatyardbackyard acre or two in Seattle.
  • Everblooming Glass Flowers will bring glass flowers to sparkle in your garden..
  • Greenbranch Studios offers garden ceramics, birdbaths and etc. to add charm to your garden. greenbranch
  • Spahrzart will offer outdoor metal designs to class up your garden.
  • Durcanne Nixon, joining us on June 16 and 23 only, will offer charming container gardens, ready to perk up your front porch or deck.
  • Master Gardeners! Come ready with pictures, plant samples and questions to help your garden flourish.  Gordon Polson of the King County Master Gardeners answering a gardening question from a Mercer Islander at the Mercer Island Farmers Market on June 12, 2011. (Photo by Joel Wachs)Masters Gardeners come for the entire market season.

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